Sydney Slovak Translation Services (NAATI)

TNFAST's Sydney translation services provides official (NAATI) certified Slovak translations, required for Australia visa applications, loan applications and other legal purposes. We provide professional Slovak translation services for Sydney.

We have an experienced team of translators for over 60+ languages, and an expert DTP team to manage any project that requires translation. Our Slovak translators are ready to assist you with business and legal translations, financial translations, migration translations, technical or medical translations, advertising translation and typeset of marketing brochures or flyers.

How much does your Sydney translator service cost?

As a general guide, prices for standard documents such as Slovak driver's license, Slovak birth certificates and Slovak marriage certificate start from $65. For non-standard documents, prices are based on per word and urgency. Once you submit your documents for review, we will reply to you usually within the hour with a quote and instructions for payment to proceed.

Do you provide translations for businesses, as well as for individuals?

Our Sydney translator services are available to everyone, and are commonly requested for immigration required documents, as well as for Sydney businesses, schools and Sydney government departments that require professional Sydney translation services.

Slovak Translators

There is no substitute for quality Slovak translators and dedicated Slovak translation services No matter how big or small your project is, and regardless of the subject matter, we have specialised Slovak translators and project managers overseeing the whole process to ensure translations get delivered on-time.

If you are looking for (NAATI) certified Slovak translations for migration or business translations, look no further. Get fast and affordable Sydney translation services from tnfast.

Sydney NAATI Translator Services

Our NAATI translators are ready to assist you in the following languages:

German Translator Chinese Translator Japanese Translator Italian Translator Arabic Translator
French Translator Vietnamese Translator Korean Translator Portuguese Translator Tagalog Translator
Indonesian Translator Malay Translator Russian Translator Spanish Translator Greek Translator
Norwegian Translator Thai Translator Dutch Translator Danish Translator Turkish Translator
Punjabi Translator Hindi Translator Persian Translator Slovak Translator Slovenian Translator
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