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Bathurst Professional Translation Services

Bathurst translation servicesWe provide professional NAATI certified Bathurst translation services, with a 100% acceptance guarantee on all document translations required for immigration to Australia.

For our clients in Bathurst, we provide experienced translators for over 60 languages, and an expert DTP team. We are able to provide fast and professional translation and typesetting services for all types of documents.

We are able to translate all languages including Chinese, Arabic, German, French, Japanese, Hindi, Punjabi, Persian, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish, Russian and Greek.

How much does your Bathurst translator service cost?

As a general guide, prices for standard documents such as driver’s license, birth certificates and marriage certificate start from $65. For non-standard documents, prices are based on per word and urgency. Once you submit your documents for review, we will reply to you usually within the hour with a quote and instructions for payment to proceed.

Do you provide translations for businesses, as well as for individuals?

Our Bathurst translation services are available to everyone. We provide translations for immigration documents for visa and citizenship application purposes, as well as for Bathurst businesses, and Bathurst government departments that require professional Bathurst translation services.

Bathurst Fast Translation Services

Bathurst NAATI translator services

Certified document translations will contain the NAATI translator stamp and signature. If the translation is for overseas, we can also provide an official cover letter for your translations and certification stamp with signature from the company representative. The translations will also contain the company letter head.

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French Translator Vietnamese Translator Korean Translator Portuguese Translator Tagalog Translator
Indonesian Translator Malay Translator Russian Translator Spanish Translator Greek Translator
Norwegian Translator Thai Translator Dutch Translator Danish Translator Turkish Translator
Punjabi Translator Hindi Translator Persian Translator Slovak Translator Slovenian Translator
Hebrew Translator Polish Translator Belarusian Translator Finnish Translator Afrikaans Translator
Hungarian Translator Bosnian Translator Bulgarian Translator Croatian Translator Estonian Translator
Ukrainian Translator Serbian Translator Swedish Translator Latin Translator Czech Translator

About Bathurst

Bathurst is a regional city in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. It is approximately 200 kilometres west of Sydney and is the seat of the Bathurst Regional Council. It has an estimated population of 35,391 as at June 2014.

Bathurst is often referred to as the Gold Country as it was the site of the first gold discovery and where the first gold rush occurred in Australia. Today education, tourism and manufacturing drive the economy. Bathurst has an historic city centre with many buildings remaining from the gold rush period of the mid to late 1800s.

Bathurst Weather

Bathurst is in Australia’s cool temperate climate zone which is defined as having mild to warm summers and cool to cold winters. Regular summer thunderstorms are common, resulting from the flat plains country to the west, leading into the mountainous nature of the country around Bathurst and assisting the development of storm cells.[11] Bathurst gets 106.9 clear days annually.