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Our Process

Please use the form on this page to submit your documents, or email directly the document require translation directly to

You will usually get a quote and payment instructions within an half an hour. Once payment is made online by credit card, we’ll be notified to start the translation.

Examples of documents we translate

Examples of document translations we commonly provide for our clients:

  • Personal documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, passports, medical reports and educational qualifications
  • Payslips and employment letters
  • Legal documents and business contracts
  • Marketing brochure or flyer translation, including typeset (DTP services)
  • Technical or medical specification translation
  • Academic reports or articles for research purposes

Document Translation Services

Our translators are carefully selected in providing professional document translations. We have had our fair share of receiving incredibly bad translations at the ‘lowest prices’, and are determined not to follow the same path in providing translation from tired or unprofessional sources. Our translators have worked with us for many years and have delivered consistent quality results.

Clients are often surprised how fast they can get their translations. Prices are affordable, especially for legal or technical documents. You do not need to visit our office or travel to get your documents professionally translated. Everything can be done by email. To get started with your document translation, please follow these steps:

  1. If you documents are not in editable format (Word/PDF), a scan or clear photo is acceptable.
  2. We will review your documents and email you a quote within 10-30 minutes during business hours, along with the payment instructions.
  3. If you’d like to proceed, just pay online using your credit card. Once payment is made, we’ll be notified automatically to start the translation based on the payment’s reference to your enquiry email.